About Us

About Us

Creative Fun
The King’s House (Open Access) Play Scheme is an initiative of The King’s House, a  vibrant, multicultural Charismatic Family Church with a mandate to impact and add value to our Community. The Play Scheme was created to give children in the community a fun time over their Easter and Summer holidays.

The Scheme brings together up to 100 children between the ages of 6 and 14 to play, sing, act, dance, exercise and do sports for 2 weeks at a time. The programme ends with an evening performance for family and friends and the children are awarded medals and certificates for their contribution to these events.


What We do

What we do …… is have a lot of fun!   The children are occupied over the two weeks with activities that will engage and stimulate them, getting their creativity bursting through. The children are encouraged to get involved in activities in which they may or may not have any previous experience.  It’s all about engaging, interacting, stretching and achieving.   The King’s House Play Scheme is a platform where the children are encouraged in their interpersonal and social skills, being encouraged to make new friends and relate to new people.  Children who have been to past play schemes are encouraged to ‘buddy-up’ with someone attending for the first time, to ensure that no-one is left feeling isolated or left out.

My kids

Many children find that their class and school mates are also attending the play scheme and we have seen many friendships blossoming because of the common bond the children develop when they attend the play scheme.  At The King’s House Play Scheme, we endeavour to have a theme for each scheme which we reiterate to the children throughout the fortnight.

These are lifeskills, attitudes and values which we believe will enhance their lives from childhood through to adulthood.   Emphasis is given to sharing, tolerance, kindness and being a good ‘neighbour’ –  values and attitudes which we believe need to be reinforced in our society.

Activities that we have provided for the children have included Dance, Drama, Music/Singing Arts & Crafts, Animation, Baking and Sports.  We encourage the children to value the importance of a healthy lifestyle by encouraging them all to participate in the aerobics and sports acitivities which are provided.  The highlight for most children (and the volunteers and teachers) is of course the Variety Night, when all the dance, drama and singing that they have learnt over the two weeks is put together to produce a spectacular gala for friends and family.

We have a team of volunteers who share these values and who are thrilled to be able to be a part of imparting them to the children.   All our teachers are DBS checked and highly talented in their various areas.