Child Registration


Please take time to read through TKH Play Scheme Terms and Conditions, as this will aid in providing and maintaining a safe, caring environment for your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information or wish to discuss the terms further.


I understand that my child will be attending the Play Scheme for both weeks.

TKHP will only be open during (Week 1) Monday 29th July-Friday 2nd  August and (Week 2) Monday 5th August- Friday 9th August. Please note the Play Scheme will NOT be open during the weekends.

Absent days for whatever reason, including sickness and holidays WILL NOT be refunded.



Prior the start date of Monday 29th July, TKHP require at least 1 weeks notice in writing (emails sent to, to terminate your child’s place at the Play Scheme. If the correct notice period is given, a full refund will be provided. If notice is given less than a week, but before Friday 26th July, then a partial refund of £30 will be given.

In all other cases, and once the Play Scheme commences, TKHP reserve the right NOT to provide any refund.



Children attending the Junior Scheme will not be allowed to go home on their own. Children are to be collected at 4PM by their parent/guardian.

Under NO circumstances will a child be allowed to be collected from the Play Scheme with anyone not listed on the registration form unless previously arranged and authorised by a parent/guardian.

TKHP require sufficient details of the person collecting the child. Parents are asked to provide a password for collection security.

CCTV cameras cover indoor and outdoor areas of TKHP for the safety of our children and crime prevention.

Please see our Arrivals and Departures Policy and Child Safeguarding Policy for more information.



Late Collection of children will in most cases incur a charge of £5 per child, for the first 10 minutes of lateness, and £5 for each subsequent 10 minutes. A 5-minute grace period will be given. This fee is payable on arrival.

Persistent lateness may lead to termination of your child’s place at the Play Scheme.



Sick Children MUST be kept at home. If your child falls ill whilst at the Play Scheme, you will be contacted and be required to collect them as soon as possible. If parents/guardians are unavailable, the other authorised emergency contacts will be called.

Vomiting and diarrhoea must be cleared for 48 hours, before your child can return to the Play Scheme.

Parents/guardians MUST inform us immediately of any changes to your child’s health status already provided.

TKHP will administer basic first aid when necessary. Parents/guardians will be informed of all accidents/incidents and are required to sign the accident record form.

TKH Play Scheme MUST be informed of any allergies, intolerance and/or medical conditions and provide us with full information regarding the condition and treatment.

If your child is prescribed an inhaler, please supply one to be kept in the Play Scheme, as well as any medication that has been prescribed to use in a medical emergency (written instructions are also requested to be provided).

TKHP staff will not administer any medication unless prescribed by the doctor and the full instructions provided.



TKH Play Scheme uses effective behaviour management strategies to promote the welfare and enjoyment of children attending the Scheme, as outlined in the Behaviour Management Policy. TKHP reserve the right to exclude your child in the event that your child is continually displaying inappropriate effort. All appropriate efforts to work with the family will be taken before such action is taken.

In such cases, a refund will not be given.



All our policies are available on the Policies tab on website.



Staff with the utmost effort will take all responsible care to ensure the safety of all children, however TKHP are not liable for any loss, damage, or injury incurred during the Scheme.

Please refrain from bringing in valuable items, as TKHP will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of any items.

We request for all children’s belongings and clothing to be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Parent/guardian may be held liable for repairs as a result of a child’s intentional damage to property.

In the event that the Play Scheme is forced to close in reasonable circumstances beyond our control (e.g. flood, fire, outbreak of disease, to name a few), we cannot accept any liability incurred by parents/guardians as a result for example loss of earnings or costs associated with alternative childcare,



During the course of the Play Scheme, there will usually be an off-site trip. Parents will be informed of any additional costs.

For our off-site trips, we must have parent/guardian signed consent. Children without consent will not be able to attend our trips.



TKHP do not provide lunch.

Parents/guardians are required to provide a healthy packed lunch. Fizzy drinks, sweets, and chocolates will not be allowed.

Please note we do not offer heating facilities for children to heat up food.



I hereby declare that all the information provided in the entire registration process is complete, true and accurate.

I have read and accept TKHP Policies.

I will ensure that emergency contacts or myself are contactable at all times during Play Scheme hours.

In the event of an emergency I give permission for my child to receive emergency medical treatment as required.

I will ensure that I will notify TKHP if there is any change in my child’s medical status or circumstances (e.g. treatment and/or conditions etc.)

By submitting this form you accept that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions within this form.